Multi-hued Tomatoes, Teal Sweater and Red Flowers

I finished the Zoe cardi, out of the Cascade Cotton Club yarn. I made the body a little shorter and the sleeve a little longer. I stll used almost all the 7 skeins of yarn. It still needs ends woven in and blocking. It is teal, a little greener than this flash photo.Zoefo

We have tons of green tomatoes, and a few are getting ripe. We have big ones and little ones and yellow, red, green, and orange tomatoes. The Brandy Boy here is larger than my two fists put together. On the left is a Cherokee Purple, what I think is a Better Boy, and on the right is a Costoluto Genovese

All three plants in the Topsy Turvy tree are loaded with maters too.Planter

I think this is a young ladybug on the edamame.

My hairdresser gave me a little bitty perwinkle (vinca) plant for Mother's Day last year. It got really big and broke in half during a thunderstorm. We put the halves in two pots and now both are blooming their heads off. DH has been nursing them through the winter.