The Zoe shawlette in Kureyon sock yarn is a little bigger, as I have been plugging away at it, whle I try to decide on which bigger kntting project to start. think it looks like a big moth with the lemon basil.

 I harvested my edamame crop, and got about a gallon freezer bag full. I froze most of them.

I got a new toy. I decided to start at the bottom of the spectrum, with a 7" Sylvania tablet from Big Lots. It is an Android tablet. It is still an amazing thing to me and to DH. Can't convince Google that I need Angry Birds on two Android devices, though. It is leaning against my knitting bag.

I also got a little bitty jump drive about the size of my thumb nail, to store my machine embrodery files on, since the embroidery machine has a USB port. My laptop is not cooperating today, so I am typing this on the big red Dell XPS gaming machine that is probably bored living here. I learned how to use Alienware to change the color of the lights on the back and front panels. LOL

Belvedere is in the room, snoring gently.


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