Knitting and Jamming

So I have made jam/butter etc. out of stuff from the yard and the garden: tomatoes, peaches, figs, and blueberries from the freezer.

yellow and orange cherry tomato jam

blueberry butter is a little thick, but tastes good.

oh yeah, made a pound cake in there somewhere

We also took time to bathe Belvedere. Boy, does his fur feel better. He likes the washing part, and especially loves drying, but hates rinsing. He escaped once with shampoo all over him.

We had a few peaches left on the ground, for a little jam

Saturday, I made pesto, tomato sauce and fig jam (above). The figs are just starting to ripen, and the mockingbirds are happy, though not wth me.

I actually did a little knitting, startng on Sedona wth Rowan Calmer yarn in a  denim color. It's in the container with the parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, hee hee.




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