Pears, Honey

Actually, this is pear honey. (I used 2 cups of pineapple and cooked it in a 3.5 qt Crock Pot on High until it got thick) I did not quite have enough pears for a batch, so I had to run out to the tree. I grabbed a limb, shook it and got outta the way as pears rained down. I also didn't have crushed pineapple, so I put chunks in the food processor. Think it looks OK.  The recipe yielded the equivalent of 9 half pints, in a combination of 12 oz, 6 oz and 4 oz jars.



I have finally, finally, reached the sleeve divide of the raglan cardigan Sedona in Rowan Calmer yarn.


Yesterday, I got my Margarita sock yarn package from Woolgirl.  Mine was strawberry, and had all kinds of goodies, includng a pattern, bag, stitchmarker, Jelly Belly beans in drinkie flavors, flipflop notepad, much more, etc. All PINK.







One thought on “Pears, Honey

  1. That kit is awesome! I love all the goodies. Never heard of pear honey. Does it have the same consistency as honey?

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