Heading South

Or at least getting ready to head south. My knitting has not changed much, because I have not done much of it lately. (The i key on my laptop sticks or something-I can spell.)  I have been waiting to get more Rowan Calmer yarn for Sedona. I got some on eBay and it was even the same dye lot.

I made pumpkin spice granola today. I had not found canned pumpkin, but had to get a pie punkin and cook it to make puree. I misread the recipe and added less brown sugar, but it tastes good anyway.

So I thought I would distract you with hummingbirds. (Not only shiny, but iridescent. )  I bought a 10 pound bag of sugar today. I have been canning and DH has been feeding hummies.





We are covered up in tiny, twittering brids zooming by our heads. They perch on plants, the basketball goal, the pecan tree beside the house and the wires for the antenna. No longer on the TV antenna, however, which fell over during the April tornado.

Of course, some of us here are not fazed by 20 or so twittering, zooming things around the patio.

Hummingbirds? What hummngbirds?



2 thoughts on “Heading South

  1. Wow – that’s a lot of hummers! We only had a big group 1 day, now we’re down to just a couple that I don’t expect to stay much longer. Toby’s similarly unimpressed by them

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