New Project

What other knitting/sewing/crochet projects that are already started? I started Plymouth's 3 Button Wrap, Pattern 1164, in their Royal Llama Silk yarn in burgundy. (Despite its pink appearance in the sun.) This is a nice pattern, and the yarn feels very smooth and soft.  The seed stitch rib is more interesting than usual rib, and when you get tired of rib, there is the cable pattern.




There will be fewer bugs in the rosemary plant, I do believe.

Oh yeah, I forgot to note that since I have so much trouble finding Kash's Mayan Harvest Bake frozen entrees, I try to make something similar on occassion. It has polenta, grain pilaf,  black beans, sweet potato, kale, pineapple mango chipotle salsa and plaintains. Pumpkn seeds are sprinkled on top.


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