Knitting Again

First, a garden photo. I planted a handful of shallots and one came up. The flash went off in the shade. Another one is sprouting.

Someone is tired. What else is new?

Belvedere, Ursula and Beau's back

Our new addition, Beauregard. Beau lost part of his ear when he was a puppy. Think he got the muzzle scar then too. DH's friend brought the dog to us  from Birmingham. Beau is wagging his whole body and grabbing biscuits out of Belvedere's mouth.

OK, I have been knitting on the 3 Button Wrap in Plymouth Llama Silk. It is a burgundy color.  Yes, I did have fun taking pictures. The last two are more like the color.




 I went searching for the three buttons for the wrap on Etsy, and found polymer clay ones at Rock  Paper Scissors.


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