Mountain Weekend

I  spent the weekend with my sister in the North Georgia  mountains. We stayed in Sautee-Nacoochee at Lucille's Mountaintop Inn. It was literally on a mountaintop. The weather was really nice, and the leaves are just starting to change. We had great breakfasts and desserts in the afternoon.

We met in Dahlonega, at Magical Threads quilt/yarn shop. I thought that was a great combination, and a tuxedo kitty cat who batted at the ties on my pants. I got some Berrocco Sox yarn in purple. I didn't get any quilting stuff. We closed down the store and got out of Dahlonega right before the streets were closed for Gold Rush Days.


We went to the Georgia Literary Festival on Saturday, and went to Hofer's of Helen for dinner, along with everybody else around there  for Oktoberfest.

I got a yarn bowl, something that I did not even know I wanted until I spotted it in the Gallery Too at the Sautee Nacoochee Center

Now for some mountain pictures for my sister

This branch caught my eye, and I kept trying to capture it.

The gazebo was in a little garden below our room. The covered walkway behind it goes from the inn to the spa.





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