Sweet Tater Time

We finally dug the sweet potatoes. Since I decded kinda late last sprng/summer (like the end of June) that I wanted to plant sweet potatoes, we probably got more smaller ones, since they missed some growing time. Oh well, live and learn. These are Bush Porto Rico, which have a compact growing habit, instead of sprawling, rampant vines everywhere.

Vines before. They had a little frost damage on the leaves. We have had to cover them a few times.

Vines after pulling them up. Some of the tubers came up when the plants were pulled up, but most we had to dig for-mainly by hand. I found a lot of rocks and 2 frogs/toads that were a similar color to the sweet potatoes.

Where they used to be.

Tubers sitting for a few hours before we put them inside the pool house to cure, when their starches turn to sugar.

Looking forward to Thanksgiving casseroles



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