More Mitts and Yarn and Stuff

I started the Glam Gloves after finshing the October Leaves mitts. I strung 240 or so beads on the Cherry Tree Hill Supersock yarn  got from a Ravelry destasher. It is way lighter than the yarn for my socek, but oh well. I have finished one mitt, and added it to the Pile of Finished Objects (FOs) That Need nds Woven In. Sigh.

While I try to find a photo of the Glam Glove 1, here is some new yarn to distract you–ooh shiny.

Autumn Sky Handpanted Merino/Csahmere DK yarn from Wildethyme Art

Autumn Sky with Belvedere checking it out

Cranberry in Nebula Sock (merino, nylon, cashmere) from Ethereal Fibers on Etsy, which had to come to my house after I saw its photo on Plurk

I found the Glam Glove photo on Ravelry.  I will add a button to the ring finger for a ring. I cannot decide if I want to add a  bead bracelet to the second glove. I will have to use the crochet hook method , since I started the cuff w/o stringing the beads.

I went to  The Taming of the Ewe in Jacksonville, AL on Black Friday instead of shopping at the mall. I got this Kraemer Perfection yarn, and have crocheted a toddler hat and and a flower to sew to the hat. I have finshed that, hope to take a photo tomorrow.

I also got this Debbie Macomber Blossom Street Collection Petals Socks yarn in Flowering Cabbage colorway. I also watched about 2.5 Mrs. Miracle movies on Hallmark Saturday night, which made me think about the yarn. (Yeah, my brain works funny) At first, I thought I was allergic to its angora content, as I sneezed while in the LYSm but my sinuses are still bothering me, and I have not touched the yarn in a week.


The sugar snap peas and shallots seem to be happy with the weather



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