Christmas Time, With No Knitting

I think the last time I knitted was at lunchtime at work the week before our holidays started.  I have been baking instead. I had to make gingerbread of course, and I made three kinds of biscotti. Biscotti was made first, so that I had some for gifting.

Cranberry almond

Gingerbread biscotti was next. My first attempt got overbaked the second time, and was greatly enjoyed by the dogs. They all love gingerbread. I haven't found a photo of it yet.

The next type was chocolate chip cranberry almond biscotti from a Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix recipe. They were good, just not as crunchy as the others. Here they are in one of my fancy Martha Stewart cookie boxes.

I made the dogs their own gingerbread dog biscuits for Christmas. They also got Milk-Bones and rawhide shaped like gingerbread men from my SIL's family.

We did have real gingerbread cookies for the humans here.

I have been on a turkey panini kick here lately, and made some rosemary focaccia to use for panini making. I think the panini press had not been used in a year or two.

For the past two years at work, we have had a brunch on the last day for faculty. This year's was December 16, and  I made mini pecan stcky buns and cinnamon rolls, using Pillsbury crescent roll dough.


I cooked a turkey breast in the crock pot the day after Christmas. I also made some cheddar parmesan biscotti to have with soup.

Today, on the 27th, I made butternut squash soup and ciabatta bread. Tonight's panini was made wth the fresh-roasted turkey  and the fresh-baked ciabatta.


I found this photo that I had forgotten about on my phone.  This is right before the model woke up and ran away.




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