A Little More Stuff

It was a cold and mostly gray day today, so Belvedere spent a lot of the day in his bed. There have been a few snowflakes. DH and I went to Target, Books-A-Million, and Martin's clothing store this morning and when we got home around midday and let Belv in, he went straight to bed.

I made Crock-Pot Chicken Enchilada Soup a week or so ago. It was good.
The Valentine's cactus have been blooming in my office. They haven't been blooming at Christmas, and I always forget to put them in darkness, so they bloom when they feel like it.
I went to Burke's Outlet in Jacksonville, AL,  to get a pair of jeans, and I found this top on 95% off clearance for 75 cents. It is a Gloria Vanderbilt cotton/rayon shirt.
I found some Meyer lemons at the grocery store. My tree has not produced its crop of one or two lately. Then I found a recipe in Weight Watchers Magazine for Meyer Lemon Chicken.  The recipe used two of them.
In knitting news, I have finished one of the Susie Rogers' Reading Mitts in the burgundy Ultra Alpaca yarn.


One thought on “A Little More Stuff

  1. I bet the lemon chicken dish was really good! We didn’t get any snow here but it sure looked like we could have. It’s supposed to get down to 17 tonight.

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