Finally Finished

Well, I finished the Susie Rogers' Reading Mitts. These are made from Ultra Alpaca yarn. It is nice and fuzzy. Too bad it's a little too warm out to wear them now. The ends are even woven in, and the picot hems are done. The flowers are blooming, even the rosemary. Here is the link for the mitt blockers, although the website says they are sold out.



 A close look at the picots


 I could not resist this fabric from Erica's the other day when it was discussed on Plurk


 The "real" pear trees are all blooming, and they smell really strong with several in bloom, kinda similar to the smell of what DH calls the ersatz pears, AKA Bradford. The apples and peaches are blooming, but they are mostly past the photogenic stage.







Peach butter, Coca-cola, and honey BBQ sauce on a pork loin were my Crock-Pot adventure last weekend. Sorta kinda this recipe



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