Knit, Crochet, Plants, Etc.

One of the things is, the Granny Smith apple tree is blooming, later than the other apple trees.

I made a blueberry pound cake from a Cooking Light recipe from 1998. I remembered it all these years. I found some Chobani lemon yogurt and want to try it again.

It has been warm lately, and Belvedere comes in and lies on the cool floor, or near an A/C vent. Here he was tired from gallumping after the UPS truck.

The Bird of Paradise is budding. DH says we need to divide the plant into at least five. We got a truckload of potting soil yesterday. Wonder if he will need the machete?

I think the amaryllis missed the season. These are a some of a collection of Red Lion bulbs in a pot with the Norfolk Island pine, from Christmas presents and after-Xmas sales.

I dug up my fall-planted shallots in order to plant more seeds that are supposed to produce more shallots. We shall see.

I finished Sedona's sleeves to make sure I had enough yarn left for the body. Think I have two skeins left of the Rowan Calmer.

I started a market bag last year in crochet. The single crochet base hurt my hands, so I put it away for months, until I had the idea to pick up stitches around the base and knit the rest of the bag. The yarn is Sugar 'n' Cream.

We have tomato seedlings, plus six more at least this size in the Aerogarden. The short plants are peppers and basil. They are larger and in pots now.

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