Stuff and Etc.

Since I haven't posted in a while, here are puppy pictures. I was trying to get a close up photo of Belvedere, who was not paying attention to me in the first photo, as carpenter bees were hovering around our heads.



I started this sweater, Sedona, in Rowan Calmer yarn last August, according to Ravelry. Still plugging away when I feel like it. It is in a really boring stage for a few inches, but it is the last part, since the sleeves are done. The actual color is closer to denim.

I got this kit in the mail for the Freemans Alley mitts. This is for the Bright color. I already had the pattern, oh well. I had been looking at the kits ever since they became available. It is neat to have the small amounts of Koigu yarn.

Dude, look what I got at Big Lots. Yes, indeed, these are made in Vegas, baby. Mega Jackpot size. Love the chips on the label. DH says they are imported from a fun place to a really boring place.  I went in there to get DH some Kashi Go Lean protein bars and came out with the one box they had and lots of other snacks. I have seen them at Sams, hope they still have them there. 

I also went to Target with a handful of coupons, and still spent a lot. Like Big Lots, Target has stuff we can't find anywhere else. They did not have the Food Saver handheld vacuum thingie, for which I had both a manufacturers' coupon and a Target coupon, which would have theoretically made it free.

No more bargain k-cups at Kohl's though. I did not see any Nantucket iced coffee at all. Last time I went,  I found some for $3.59 a box.



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