Gardening and Pups, part II

Friday was my birthday, and look what showed up. They look like black Labs, the backlighting is making them look lighter. Petunia (left) barked at Belvedere when he stuck his nose in DH's lap, causing a flurry of woofing.  DH says we haven't decided if she is brave or stupid.
Petunia on the left and Tater on the right. Petunia looks so much like a mini Junior, our 15-year-old Lab/Chow mix, that she was given one of his nicknames as a name. Tater, short for Sweet Potato, was found in the sweet potato plants, according to DH.

In garden news, I have squash and cucumbers, and the bean vines have reached the top of the pole.



Vardaman bush sweet potato

hydrangea, a former potted plant

The Meyer lemon tree is happy to be repotted, after about a decade in the same pot. It has a lot of new growth, and a few blooms in June.

I have also been knitting and crocheting market bags from cotton yarn that has been sitting in my stash.

bottom of the knitted Grrlfriend Bag, which now has several inches of netting in a variagated brown yarn.

Another bag

I actually made it to a Master Gardener meeting. I took a salad with Aerogarden lettuce, tomatoes, basil and fresh Mozzarella pearls. I also grew the basil and the four Golden Gem tomatoes on the top

Hey, guess what? I won something in a blog contest. I won this cookbook from the Skinny Ms. blog. I was tickled, as I have used several of her recipes. I love the Southern Style Green Beans.


One thought on “Gardening and Pups, part II

  1. Happy Birthday!!!! Your garden looks wonderful! I’m going to look into that cookbook – looks interesting. The pups are so cute and the names are perfect!

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