Gardening and Pups, part III

I wandered around in the garden today, with little pups and Belvdere the only dogs who seemed interested. Belvedere does get tired of puppies dogging his footsteps.


"Yessir, Mr. Belvedere, sir."

Fuzzy Petunia

Tater looks taller and glossier


I did not know that paste tomatoes Big Mama grew in clusters. Some of the limbs are drooping from  so much heavy fruit.

I had my harvest here artfully arranged, when someone's nose appeared

Grandma Barnett beans-I had to have them for the name. These are heirloom Appalachian beans I found on Etsy.

Shhh! The swallowtail butterflies have not found the dill yet.

I have gotten a handful of Romano green beans

Not sure what variety this is-just liked this photo


I love the way the new growth on the Vardaman sweet potatoes is purple. Also lacy foliage, LOL

There are also a few pretty weeds in the pasture. Belvedere had to "snorf" it





2 thoughts on “Gardening and Pups, part III

  1. Your garden is looking great! Ours has lots of green in it but not much fruit except for cucumbers. We did get some squash but that has almost stopped. We’re having to water it a bunch!

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