Well, first we have puppies

Wingnut, one of the foster puppies, with her favorite chair. DH said she was curled up asleep in it the other morning. She got in his chair today and looked guilty.

Bagel Beagle-the only way I can get her to stay still enough for a photo is the dog biscuit.

There is no telling what Petunia is chewing on

Oooh, shiny. Tater's short coat is glossy
Think she took whatever is in her mouth from her sister

DH went outside the other morning. All 4 puppies rushed him in a puppy stampede, tripping over a stainless steel bowl, sending it rocking and ringing. I opened the door and spoke to pups. They RAN back to me as fast as they could in a blur of black and tan, stepping in the bowl and setting it ringing again., "It's the Gong Show," he said.

It's  summer, so we have tomatoes. Monday I made tomato-lemon basil jam, and three pints of crushed tomatoes. The darker looking one has just Cherokee Purple maters.Tomatoes

My big adventure this year is using the KitchenAid fruit and vegetable strainer attachment for the meat grinder. Yes, I have to stand on a chair. The lady in the YouTube video did not.

pulp and juice come out one side, and seeds and peel come out the other end. We keep calling it mater poop.
So far, I have gotten about 6 pints of sauce. I got three pints today from about 24 cups of tomatoes.

I made some pickles before the cucumber plants succumbed to what I suspect are squash bugs, while the squash are still thriving. I have 7 more cucumber plants in containers-they are bush type pickling cukes. I got photos of the okra and watermelon rind pickles, not sure about the cucumbers.



Big Mama paste tomatoes in front are huge! Think that is Better Boy in the back


One thought on “Summertime

  1. You have been busy!!! Everything looks great! I’ve made several batches of freezer pickles but haven’t had the get-up-and-go to get my canning stuff out.

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