Canning, Vacation, More Canning

I made fig preserves before we left for Las Vegas. I also made applesauce and pear sauce, using the KitchenAid strainer attachment, for the first time with fruit, and froze them to make fruit butter when we got back from vacation. We have so few pears that I put them with the apples. Recipe

I picked a basket of apples on Saturday. We saw a deer next to the tree, in the fenced yard the next day. Good thing I got the apples. I had enough for 5 quart jars of apple pie filling and maybe another pint.

fig preserves

apple pie filling

Apple/pear butter

We stayed at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. It was very nice, although I felt a little disoriented not staying at the Flamingo.

View of clouds from the hotel room window-it rained elsewhere around Vegas that evening.


We were close to the pool area, not a big draw for us.

Although we tried not to touch anything in the minibar, I had to have the cheese straws. They were $12.97 with tax. DH was yelling at me to close it before we got charged when I turned to get the phone for this photo. We actually had a mini Keurig machine-K cups were $12.97 for 3 or 4. Darn, we could have packed some.


We always have to go see the Bellagio's conservatory. I love the dwarf sunflowers and hydrangea



Guess how the weather was?


another view from the room




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