Pup ‘n’ Pizza Post

OK, the knitting isn't here because it didn't start with P. I got a new lens in the mail from eBay the other day-a 35-105mm zoom. I did not pay attention to the fact it was a D, and not a DX lens, but it works fine with the digital SLR. Just weighs more than the camera, I think.

Anyway, I took it out of the box, put in on the D50, and went out in the yard. Someone dragged a cow femur or something up in the yard. Wingnut picked it up and followed me.


Then she got distracted by Baron and Petunia made off with the bone.

It's all mine!

Puppies have short attention spans, and Belvedere tried it out. He dropped it immediately and ran behind me when I went back inside to the A/C.

Belv is a TV star! Belvedere's back steps photo was featured on Good  Day Alabama on September 4. It is on my Facebook timeline.Mickey Feguson said I will be the person in the pet store with the biggest shopping cart.

Baron did not get involved with the bone nonsense

Maybe Ursula thought it was amusing?

Wingnut and Beagle Bagel (who is not quite in focus)

Beagle Bagel

And last but not least, the pizza–BBQ chicken with a little jalapeno

And I heard Saturday was Hobbit Day, so I had slow cooker French Toast Casserole for second breakfast. Even though it doesn't have a p.





2 thoughts on “Pup ‘n’ Pizza Post

  1. I believe I have lost count on the number of pups you have in total but clearly you are working just to feed them right? Bones just taste better with a little bit of everyones slobbery on it. Love the pics!

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