Actual Knitting

I have been working on the Freemans Alley armwarmers again. These are from a kit with 3 colors of Koigu sock yarn.



I started another project. Yes, I do have a few going. This is an effort to use up stash yarn. Wish I could remember why I have 11 skeins of Noro Silk Garden. I looked at the Noro Striped Scarf , but I don't wear scarves… Then I found the More Stripes vest. The steek looks interesting. Since I have a lot of one color with dark hues, and one skein each of 3 colors of Silk Garden with bright colors, my vest is going to have even more colors to use up stash.


I have been working on another market bag-think the beige color drove me to the Noro yarn. I have also had a stomach bug. As soon as I got over that, I got an infected oil gland in my eyelid. Boy, that was painful for a couple of days, then it swelled for about a half a day. Think I am OK now, still need my flu shot. I am kinda afraid to get one.



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