Douglas 2012

Cypress Swamp by pknit
Cypress Swamp, a photo by pknit on Flickr.

Cypress swamp on General Coffee State Park nature trail. Too cold for alligators. Not sure they have any. The park has several cabins, where my  family stayed on December 28-30. We had Christmas all over again.

Palmettos in a drier part of the woods

Setting off on our walk. It was cold and dark and it poured down rain around 4 am. Saturday

Nieces and great-nieces and nephew

Kathryn has the attention of her Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Riley (back) was declared to be a miniature Saint Bernard because of his snoring. (She is my first great-niece, my nephew, her dad, is almost my age.)

Spanish moss
Spanish moss on the trees

Kathryn got a lot of comments on her multi-layered cake, including on her icing of the cake plate. It did not affect the flavor.


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