Actual Knitting Content

From time to time, I have actually knitted. For some reason, the only time I have knitted recently has been during my lunch breaks at work. I have been  working on a cotton sweater and a wrap from silk/llama yarn, both projects that I started last year.

Sedona is a top down cardigan sweater from C2Knits.  I had never printed out the pattern, but kept the pdf on my Android tablet. When I went to my home town after Christmas, I printed the last page out to take with me. First I had to find it on the PC, and all I could think of was Sonoma. Anyway, after many moons, it is near finishing at last. I need to knit another inch, then add the bottom ribbing. I have a shawl pin to use for a closure.

The other UFO (unfinished object for you muggles) is a  Cable Buttoned Wrap from Plymouth Royal Silk Llama yarn in a burgundy color. I am still plugging away at it, and still need a few more inches. It has three buttonholes, and I have three handmade polymer clay buttons from Etsy to go on it. Buttons from Rock, Paper, Scissors Etc.

Cable buttoned wrap

Cable buttoned wrap

In food news, I tried the overnight oatmeal again. I had some last fall, then when I got a sinus infection and it no longer appealed to me. I tried a slightly different recipe-still has chia seeds, which I had to hunt down in the cabinet. Vanilla yogurt, fresh strawberries, blueberries and raspberries from Iowa Girl Eats, with Mightly Leaf Orange Dulce tea.
Make-ahead Fruit & Yogurt Parfait

The little Thanksgiving cactus in my office is about to bloom, maybe for Groundhog Day. the other two bloomed in the first week of October.
Valentine's Cactus?

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