Feeling (a Little) Springy

Despite the fact it was 44 for a high, and snow is forecast for the evening. I felt like starting tomato seeds. So I evicted the greens out of the upgraded Aerogarden-putting them in the colder entry hall in the AG built from spare parts  from the upgrade. This one has three lights and a taller light head.

So we have to have Brandy Boy-Brandywine and Better Boy hybrid. We also have Cherokee Purple, Agro (Italian paste type) and Super Sauce; which have to be kept carefully labeled because Burpee says one of them is big enough to fill a pint Mason jar, so they get the biggest, strongest cages.

I assemble the baskets, iron the labels on, place the seeds in the pods, and put them in the Aerogarden with the nutrient pack, on the tomatoes/peppers setting. They get fed every 2 weeks or so. Just happy that I did not get any fingers with the iron for a change.

Tomato Seed Starting
First, assemble all the components-the tea is an integral part, of course

Tomato Seed Starting
Now, wait for itty bitty sprouts to appear, and have a sense of wonder that they will become 8-10 feet monsters escaping over the top of the cages in the summer.

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