Blocking at Last: All Knitting Post

The plum sweater in Plum Heather Patons Classic Wool, was finished last winter. I just now got the ends woven in and soaked it for blocking. This is Abigail, from C2knits.  I have a number of her patterns, and have made several sweaters Just got another the other day. I have this handmade polymer button from Etsy for the neck.

The blue sweater is Sedona, in Rowan Calmer yarn, which I started last year. I got Stockinette Syndrome, which I think is a version of Second Sock Syndrome, and couldn’t face 12 inches of knitting. I finally felt like working on it again, and finished it in a hotel room in Tunica, MS last weekend. Last night I had an end-weaving in session. Now both sweaters are drying after a little blocking. I  did not notice that different dye lot when it was wet-I can say the darker stripe on the bottom is intentional. There is no closure, and I have a shawl pin with a blue stone for Sedona.

I also finished the Cable Buttoned Wrap from Plymouth, in burgundy Royal Llama Silk yarn. It is not blocking because the board is too short. I think I will get some of the floor mats for kids  to get enough length. Photos then. You can see part of it here on Ravelry-4th down photo with goldenrod. I started it last year, too.

For my next project, I need to go back to Faery Ring and see if I can decipher where I am in the cables. I wrote down my row on the complex larger cable. It has been languishing for a couple years.


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