Tea Stash Loot

I do have something to blog about. I got a wonderful assortment of goodies from Jannett, my Tea Swap Pal. There is Mauritius tea from Teasource, which I read has a vanilla flavor.  It’s new to me. There are delicious Swedish vanilla gingersnaps. cute knit-theme notecards and pink heart Post-its. She sent hand-made stitch markers,… Continue reading Tea Stash Loot

Tea Stash II

Here is my office tea stash. I would have put it on the Tea Swap blog, but Blogger is having none of it right now. I  included the African violets on the right, as the teapot pots are so cute! Some of my favorite loose black tea is here, includding Adagio’s buttery Candy Cane, and… Continue reading Tea Stash II